Third-party Administrator

As a Third-party Administrator, you will be assigned to operate in selected Local Government Areas (LGAs) of the State to provide beneficiaries registration and mobilisation and serve as our a partner to the Agency.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Registration of enrollees
  • Participation in advocacy and mobilization activities
  • Facilitate the distribution of enrollee ID cards
  • Facilitate quality improvement and quality compliance at the provider level
  • Act as a link between the agency and community


List of Requirements

  • Registration with relevant regulatory Agencies.
  • Being financially viable before, during and after registration
  • Have a track record of a healthy relationship with healthcare providers (HCPs), with letter of recommendation from at least 3 HCPs that can attest to her record
  • Make a complete disclosure of the ownership structure and composition of the organization;
  • Have a designated current account to be used specifically for the operations of the activities of the Agency.